Tips for Getting Through the End of the Year Push

If you’re feeling a huge push to make it to the end of the year right now, you’re not alone. As I talk to clients and colleagues, it’s universally acknowledged that the end of year push is officially upon us, whether we like it or not.

As you approach the next few weeks, here are four tips to get you through to the finish line:

  1. Recognize that EVERYONE is really, really tired. Beyond the usual kind of fatigue that we experience in a typical year, COVID-19 has been taxing on all of us – mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Studies have shown that Zoom fatigue, the burden of homeschooling children, the monotony of everyday life working remotely and the added stress of worry about our jobs and our future has taken a big toll. Data shows that this fatigue has resulted in more of a lack of focus than usual (shout-out to the working parents of young children keeping it all together right now!) Give yourself, and your team, permission to admit that you’re fatigued and need a break before launching into 2021.
  2. Take some time to reflect on how this year has helped you developed some new skills. Maybe you’re a person who likes certainty and data and is uncomfortable with ambiguity. If so, I’m sure this year has been more difficult than you could have imagined. But has it helped you improve your ability to navigate uncertainty and push through ambiguous situations? Chances are it has. And there are a host of other silver linings that you can look for as you reflect on how this year may have challenged you in ways you didn’t expect
  3. Find ways to bring in someone “fresh” to your key projects in 2021. Give the folks who have had a heavy lift and stretch roles the opportunity to get a break. At the same time, consider tapping people who would bring a diverse, new, fresh perspective and help bring your projects some new energy in the new year.
  4. Stay thankful. One of the best parts of the Thanksgiving holiday is recognizing our blessings and what we’re grateful for. How can you extend that same spirit as this year draws to a close? Thank the folks in the IT team for helping you and your team work remotely, effectively, and safely. Thank the Executive Assistants who had to turn on a dime to manage your team’s day to day schedule. Thank the HR person who tirelessly connects in and checks on your team to make sure they’re doing ok. And thank your boss for being a great leader and showing grace under pressure.

Finally, remember that a break is well-deserved and well-needed after this grueling year, so make sure you’re taking time off and away (and giving yourself permission to have a dis-connected BREAK!) this holiday season.

Sheri Browning is a Partner at PeopleResults, who is thanking my friends in IT, HR, all the Executive Assistants and each and every one of my clients for everything this year. You can reach her – anytime except from December 21 – January 4 – at or on Twitter @sbPResults