Reflections and Goals for 2018

End of year reflections and thoughts as we all forge ahead into 2018…

Thought Leadership

Some organizations are more innovative than others and some cultures are better prepared to absorb fresh thinking than others. The places where I’ve seen clients implement big ideas (for them, in their organizations) in 2017 have been exciting to watch!

  • For one client it looked like using short videos to reinforce learning outside of the classroom, as part of a leadership development program, when participants were back on the job.
  • For another client it looked like implementing a network of Change Champions who could provide feedback directly to their most senior leadership team on how the organizational transformation was being received “on the ground”.
  • For yet another client it looked like pushing them to overhaul their reward and recognition program to align with their new operating model and the behaviors it requires for success, such as collaboration.

Experiential Learning

As a consumer I take lessons from the companies with which I interact constantly and try to think through how I can apply those concepts with my clients. I’ve been fascinated watching Taylor Swift launch her latest album, Reputation, and the associated concert tour.

She has long been an industry leader driving engagement with her fans, known as Swifties. This time Swift partnered with Ticketmaster to proactively sell concert tickets directly to her actual fans, instead of to professional re-sellers. She established an elaborate online engagement strategy with fans before tickets went on sale. Then each individual fan was given a specific date and time to purchase tickets during a Pre-Sale, before the General Sale on December 13.

Rarely do businesses manage to establish the same kind of demand for change that Taylor Swift has for concert tickets! However, the concepts of personalization and engagement with stakeholders are ones from which we can all learn. My goal is to find ways to apply these concepts with client stakeholders in 2018.


I’m so very thankful for my clients and the opportunity to work with them and learn from them this year. I’ve watched them deal with challenges both personal and professional in 2017.

At work, I’ve seen clients go through role changes within a company, move to different companies, handle team member changes in their departments, and drive organizational transformation. It has been a year of anything BUT sitting still.

Outside of work clients have coped with heart-wrenching divorce, experienced the terrifying mass shooting in Las Vegas, and are still, right now, addressing the effects of devastating wildfires in California. To my clients, your personal and collective support for one another to conquer adversity has been absolutely inspiring in 2017. I stand in awe of you and am thankful to know each of you as an individual.

Betsy Winkler is a Partner at PeopleResults. She can be reached on Twitter @BetsyWinkler1. Sign up to receive the PeopleResults blog at Current.