RETAIL Client Success Story

Change Program for Business Transformation

This global retail organization implemented new business processes and systems enterprise-wide. They needed a change partner to help them update planning, ordering, electronic receiving, automated billing & inventory tracking with vendors. They required an expert partner because of their need for more consistent operating practices across thousands of stores to achieve their ROI goals.

Course of Action:

  • We designed and led Organizational Change Management and Business Readiness for this multi-phase, multi-year program.
  • Our Business Readiness approach helped align each store’s daily and weekly activities for ordering and receiving with a standard business process. This approach created a baseline before implementing the new processes and systems that enabled success measures for each store’s rollout.
  • Operating in a franchised environment created specific challenges as we were often leading change through influence at Franchise stores given their independent structure.
  • The client culture required very practical change tools, such as Stakeholder and Change Impact Assessments, Leadership Alignment Activities, Training Classes and Job Aids, Business Readiness Surveys, and Checklists, Communication Plans & Materials.
  • We worked with leaders to customize detailed Business Readiness plans for each implementation phase.


1.Upon go-live, stores experienced immediate financial benefits from the new processes & technology.

2.The Business Readiness plan enabled stores to improve process efficiency for ordering and receiving and increased the accuracy of in-store inventory management.

3.Stores experienced 25-30% reduced ordering time, up to a 65% reduction in time to check-in deliveries, and reduced inventory carrying costs across the system.

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