HOSPITALITY Client Success Story

Change Program for ERP Implementation

This newly acquired national organization planned to integrate all legacy “backbone” systems within the parent company’s ERP framework. This change involved a restructure in critical processes, ways of working, reporting across the company, and impacted everyone from franchisees to Finance. They needed a change partner to manage the impacts.

Course of Action:

We created a Change Strategy & Plan that proactively prepared the organization by defining:

  • Those impacted by the change and essential stakeholders for achieving results
  • Alignment & integration of related or competing enterprise-wide changes
  • New processes, ways of working and reporting following the ERP implementation
  • Our team designed a Communications Strategy & Execution Plan with core messaging to communicate the “why” and ensure understanding for individuals and teams
  • We redesigned processes and mapped out the future state
  • We developed & led their education program by educating & training all users on the new processes & system, including the impact on their work


1.Successful implementation of a new ERP solution for corporate and franchise operations

2.Engaged 60+ corporate stakeholder groups, over 3000 franchise stores, and 350+ franchise business groups

3.Facilitated process change discussions and documented 70+ financial processes

4.Developed audience-specific multi-media communications to drive awareness and understanding.

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