ENERGY Client Success Story

Transformational Change to Enable Innovation

This oil and gas industry leader was undergoing large-scale, transformative change and innovation based on market changes. They wanted to develop “grass-roots” innovative solutions to drive business results. They needed a change leadership thought partner to achieve broad-scale adoption for multiple, ongoing changes. Our goal was to enable the agile development of new ideas, increase adoption, identify new ways of working, and drive new behaviors.

Course of Action:

  • We created an Agile Change Management strategy and approach to enable transformational change. The scope was full suite change, including project visioning & strategy, change dashboards & metrics, stakeholder engagement, communications, and education.
  • Our team partnered with four Workstreams and 27 individual “Concept” teams to create the vision and change strategy aligned with project objectives.
  • We led and delivered the change program across the project’s lifecycle from incubation to business transition.


1.Delivered ongoing engagements to create adoption with 1500+ users, eight sites and all levels of the organization, including adoption across oil assets

2.Supported $4.5M in cost savings by identifying and deploying energy-valued projects, including a culture change campaign for oil assets that changed supervisors’ behaviors in managing high energy cost processes.

3.Achieved an equipment management adoption rate of 90% through tailored change strategies

4.Project realized $50M in savings over three years through the utilization of an integrated data-driven dashboard and metrics to monitor rig efficiencies.

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