TRANSPORTATION Client Success Story

Development of Virtual Learning Program

When the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, this Fortune 200 transportation services client faced the possibility of canceling a high priority in-person safety training for a program targeted to 9000 workers. This change had the potential to derail regulated training requirements and miss the opportunity to educate and reinforce top priorities. They needed learning expertise and a partner to identify the best course of action for their culture and work environment.

Course of Action:

  • We used our expertise and experience to educate their leadership team on options for innovative delivery channels to realize the desired results.
  • We redesigned their in-person experience to a virtual event by leveraging collaboration tools and remote learning strategies and principles.
  • We developed a facilitation plan to anticipate and mitigate risks with virtual delivery and build interest and engagement.
  • We applied our extensive experience with virtual working and learning with our deep understanding of this client’s culture to engage participants, increase their comfort using new technology, and recreate an in-person experience virtually.


  1. The client’s education program met objectives despite major unforeseen events.
  2. This learning program was very successful and provided a model example of the organization’s capacity for virtual learning in this traditional culture & environment.

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